Invest In Yourself – Executive Privilege

Your success.  Your life.  Your sanity.shutterstock_334043420

Executive Privilege is about having the right support in place to move beyond professional success to personal fulfillment. You’ll get much more than a coach – you’ll have an HR partner, career strategist, cheerleader, sounding board, catalyst, and confidante.

You Deserve It Because:

  • Work changes can happen in the blink of an eye. Don’t face another negotiation, career conversation, resignation, or interview without expert advice.
  • Stress kills (and makes you want to kill). Having an impartial party to help think through the inevitable family, work, and personal drama may just save a life.
  • Always wanted to write a book? Live abroad? Run for public office? No one deserves to live with regret. Don’t let another year pass by where you’ve kept your dreams on the backburner.

How it Works:

Just select the annual plan that works best for your needs.

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