FREE WEBINAR: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

FREE WEBINAR: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Posted by Terra Winston

When your alarm clock rings in the morning, is your first thought, “DAMN, I’m tired”?

My friend, you are definitely not alone.


We are a generation of overextended people.


Our to-do lists runneth over.

Our email inboxes are bursting at the seams.

Our children are so busy they could use a social secretary.

Our businesses need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Oh, and social media keeps reminding us of how much better our lives could be.


Every day the bar continues to rise on what is expected of employees, parents, executives, partners, caregivers, and citizens. The pace is relentless, but we power through.  This leaves many of us feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.


You are not alone.


My coaching clients come to me to tackle any number of challenges that they face while growing their careers and designing their best lives.  Regardless of what brought them to coaching, do you know who is struggling with overwhelm?…

Senior Executives. Stay-at-Home-Parents. Media Moguls. Career Changers. Engineering Supervisors. Entrepreneurs. Job Seekers. Lawyers. Non-profit Leaders. Coaches. Accountants. General Managers…



I’ve helped my clients manage their own versions of overwhelm, so I feel confident in telling you…DON’T WORRY, sanity and satisfaction is possible again!!!


All you need is the right tools.  No matter what’s driving your feelings of overwhelm, I’ve got a few tips that will help you take back control of your career, life, and happiness.


Let me share these with you in my FREE workshop:


How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & Enjoy Life Again:  Breakthrough Strategies for Work & Beyond


It’s all going down on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 with two different time options to make sure that you can get on live.  I’m expecting each one to fill up super fast, so don’t procrastinate.  Lock down a time right now before you get on with the rest of your day.


The “How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed & Enjoy Life Again” webinar will give you everything that you need to increase your fulfillment in life without sacrificing productivity.  Join me in this workshop to:

  • Understand the personal and professional costs of living in a persistent state of overwhelm
  • Identify the 4 common reasons that you feel overwhelmed
  • Take immediate actions that help you create more control, fulfillment, and joy in your day
  • Breakthrough overwhelm with a simple, repeatable process so that you can get back to achieving what matters most

And much more!


I look forward giving you some of the successful strategies that I’ve used with my coaching clients to help them better manage and enjoy their stressful, demanding lives.

Pick a time now, and I’ll talk to you soon.


PS – Did I mention our added BONUS?  Register for this webinar now and we’ll send you the Overcoming Overwhelm Checklist – a quick tool to help you relieve some of your stress and pressure while you wait for the webinar to begin.



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