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Inspiration and beyond! Partner with us for a session that is relevant, impactful, and entertaining.

We at inTerractions have planned more than our fair share of learning events and conferences. Based on these experiences, we know the frustrations that you face when booking speakers. On behalf of meeting planners everywhere, we’d like to say, “No More” –

  • NO MORE fluffy workshops that leave your participants smiling but don’t empower them to do anything different when they walk out of the door.

  • NO MORE panelists that spend more time selling themselves than answering the questions your attendees really want to hear.

  • NO MORE rambling, ill-prepared, or self-important speakers who forget that the success of your event is what matters.

We are committed to making your life easier and your event a success!

Hot Topics

[services_media title=”Good People Do Great Things” photo=”3709″ link=”https://interractions.com/contact-us/”]Don’t believe the myth that nice guys (or ladies) finish last.  There are many great examples of compassionate, strategic, and principled leaders that have balanced personal success with a commitment to making the world a better place.  Unfortunately, there are still many good people with big hearts and big aspirations that run into career barriers and never reach their full potential.  Don’t let this be you!  Join this conversation to position yourself to achieve greater success and fulfillment while making a greater impact.  Our world needs you![/services_media]
[services_media title=”Smart Leaders Grow Themselves” photo=”3223″ link=”https://interractions.com/contact-us/”]Once upon a time, hard-working employees were given all of the necessary tools to grow their careers and were regularly rewarded with promotions and accolades.  These days, keeping your head down and doing great work won’t even guarantee job security.  If you are serious about your career, you must take matters into your own hands.  In this session you will learn how to develop the mindset, skills, and stamina that are critical for you to achieve all of your career aspirations.[/services_media]
[services_media title=”No Networking Allowed: How to Build Authentic Connections” photo=”3224″ link=”https://interractions.com/contact-us/”]There is no question that networking is critical in business.  It opens doors to new clients, careers, and even internal opportunities.  However, just because it is important doesn’t mean that it’s easy.  Many people struggle with the typical view of networking – big rooms full of people exchanging small talk and business cards.  But don’t worry, there’s another way. This interactive networkshop gives you the chance to stop networking and start making connections that matter.[/services_media]

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Terra Winston, founder of inTerract Consulting and Ringleader of inTerractions, has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee.  She is a leadership consultant and executive coach with 20 years of internal and external business consulting experience.  Terra has a flexible style that has driven results in boardrooms and on plant floors, for Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups, alike.

Terra’s successful approach comes from her unique blend of “hard” and “soft” business skills.   She holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, an MBA from Stanford University, and coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation.  Prior to founding inTerract, Terra worked at Deloitte Consulting as a consultant on process, strategy, and organizational engagements and as a Director at PepsiCo doing traditional HR and organizational development.

With an expertise in leadership development, facilitation, and diversity, Terra implements a broad variety of custom solutions for her clients.  As a coach she helps leaders and entrepreneurs make meaningful impact on their organizations.  A sought after speaker, Terra delivers workshops and keynotes that do more than entertain – they give attendees the tools to change behavior.

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