inTerractions development programs use a coaching-based approach to create engaging and actionable learning experiences.

74% of employees feel they are not achieving their full potential at work and, as a result, would value access to more development opportunities (Middlesex University’s Institute for Work Based Learning)

In today’s complex and crazy world, every organization’s future hinges on the capability and adaptability of its associates. Effective training and development offerings will help you attract, retain, and ignite the potential of the talented people you need to bring your mission to life.

Your team is your greatest asset - invest in their success today.

Hot Topics

Communicating in Style

With all of the technology available today, effective interpersonal communication can still be surprisingly difficult.  Frustration, misunderstandings, and conflict can lead to lost productivity and morale. With the right knowledge and a bit of patience, great communication is in reach.

Authentic Leadership

Do you have leadership role models?  Stop trying to be the next Steve Jobs or Sheryl Sandberg!  Be the next best version of YOU.   Great leaders aren’t born or studied; they evolve.  When you start with a strong foundation – your values, personal experiences, and talents – and then incorporate leadership best practices, you will create a unique leadership style that is highly effective in any type of situation. This authentic leadership is your key to greatness and long-term career success.

Strategic Advantage: Turning Strategy into Results

Strategy is often cited as the driving force separating the winners from the losers in every industry. However, the truth is much more complicated than that.  Recent research has found that even the best strategies can be hamstrung by the organization’s inability to execute.   Executives tasked with leading with strategy must become adept at navigating the processes, mindsets, and structures that can become barriers to delivering results.  In this interactive session, leaders will be given tips and tools to help them turn a strategic vision into the action.

Development Programs

The Living Brand Program

Gives your organization the tools that it needs to turn every employee into a Brand Ambassador

High Performance Group Mentoring

Address 3 of the key issues that impact the retention of diverse talent

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