Welcome to the 90 Day Breakthrough!

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Here's What You'll Do in the Program...

  • Identify the most important areas to tackle to give you the biggest boost in overall happiness
  • Learn the powerful goal-achievement process that you can reapply whenever you need to push forward on your dreams
  • Develop practices and habits to keep your momentum and motivation going strong
  • Brainstorm faster and easier ways to achieve what matters most
  • Make peace with the voices of self-doubt that distract you from crossing the finish line

Over the 12 Weeks We'll Cover...

4/18 - Whole Life Living

Reflect on your quality of life and define your 90 Day Breakthrough goal to dramatically improve your level of happiness and fulfillment

4/25 - Dream Bigger

Get clear about your goal, what it means, and what success looks like

5/2 - Make Peace with Yourself

Quiet the doubts and fears that have undermined your attempts to move forward

5/9 - Get in Motion

Map out the strategic path of least resistance for achieving your goal

5/16 - Being before Doing

Learn one of the most powerful tools for shifting your mindset so that your new changes have staying power

5/23 - Make Space

Invest in your goal – find the time, energy, money, and fortitude to cross the finish line

5/30 - Pivot

Use the power of continuous learning and adaptation to get to your push through to success

6/6 - Winning

Take a victory lap for progress that has been made and learn how to spot the signs that you’re on the right track

6/13 - Perfect Imperfection

Stop letting perfection get in the way of achievement

6/20 - Hack Your Process

Create your own personal cheat sheet for getting the results that you desire

6/27 - All Hands on Deck

Enroll your network in helping you reach this goal and take action to nurture a community that is well positioned to support you in the future

6/13 - Perfect Imperfection

Stop letting perfection get in the way of achievement