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While I’d prefer to work with you directly, let’s be honest, it isn’t always the right time to invest in a coaching relationship.  That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t use a little support every once in a while.

So, if you’re facing an intriguing, frustrating, challenging, or confusing situation, let me help. Submit your question.  For each newsletter I’ll select one submission to address.


Here are important points to consider before submitting your question:

  • Please try to keep your situation to 500 words or less.  My answers are long-winded enough for the both of us.  Let’s not bore everybody.
  • When your situation is published, I’ll only use your first name  (it works for Cher and Madonna, right).  However, if your name is a bit too identifiable, you’ll get an alias in order to protect your anonymity.  I’m sure that Oprah and Dweezil are very relieved right now.
  • The finished product may have some editing by the time it gets to the newsletter.  The inTerractions team will do its best to maintain the integrity of your submission but may have to do a bit of scrubbing to benefit you and the other readers.
  • With the volume of submissions that we receive, I can’t guarantee when or even if your question will appear in the newsletter.  I’ll do the best I can to accommodate everyone’s concerns.

OK, enough of the fine print, let’s get to your situation: