Why Am I Getting This?

Photo Credit: 201404-Why courtesy of  Tsahi Levent-Levi on Flickr

Photo Credit: 201404-Why courtesy of Tsahi Levent-Levi on Flickr


Welcome to the inTerractions newsletter!

If you are receiving this, then you are on the list of some of my favorite people.  We may have worked together for coaching or consulting.  You may have attended one of my workshops or seminars.  Over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine we might have exchanged a few nuggets of wisdom. Regardless, you have generously shared your time with me, and I couldn’t imagine not sharing this newest offering with you.

So what is it?

For years people have suggested that I start writing a newsletter for the inTerract Consulting/inTerractions family.  But I wasn’t completely convinced.  Aren’t our email inboxes full enough with interesting information that we don’t have time to read?  I refused to send anything until I was confident that I could deliver a valuable tool that would actively make your life better. Something that people normally pay for.


And so here it is. Whenever you open an email from inTerractions look for an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to bring your personal and professional goals closer to reality. I urge you to reflect on the coaching questions and do the homework, just like you would if we were working together one-on-one. And if you think someone else could use the support, don’t be stingy! Forward them the message so that they make progress on their dreams, too.

My commitment to you is that when this email becomes less of a tool (and more just good information), together we’ll figure out how to transform it so that it continues to earn its place in your inbox.

Talk Soon!

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