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Diana Nyad by Fortune Live Media

CC image courtesy of Fortune Live Media on Flickr

TGIF!! After a long and hectic week working in your office, home, or in your own enterprise, who the hell wants one more post about business stuff?? Welcome to Feel Good Friday here at inTerractions. 



I’ve never been the kind of person to climb a mountain “just because it’s there”. (I may be convinced to strap on a backpack if there’s an IHOP or a Nordstrom shoe sale on top, but I still won’t like it.) So, I never really understood why Diana Nyad was compelled to try to swim from Cuba to Florida through jellyfish and shark infested water.

However, I know what it feels like to want something so badly that it keeps you up at night. To have a dream so large that it simultaneously scares and delights you. To stumble over and over again to the point that you wonder if you’re crazy to keep trying. If you’ve felt this too, then Diana Nyad is our patron saint of Never, Ever Give Up.

I’m most impressed by her ability to keep trying despite her highly publicized failures. Four times she faced the harsh glare of the media and came up short. For many of us, failed attempts come with a level of shame that keeps us from bouncing back and trying again. Yet Diana persevered.

Take a few minutes and watch her video, but more importantly, take her example – find YOUR way to make your dreams real.

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