How to Keep Your Team in Harmony

How to Keep Your Team in Harmony

  • Posted by Terra Winston

TGIF!! After a long and hectic week working in your office, home, or in your own enterprise, who the hell wants one more post about business stuff?? Welcome to Feel Good Friday here at inTerractions. We promise to send you into the weekend with a smile, a laugh, or maybe a bit of inspiration.


CC image courtesy of Robert Conrad Photography on Flickr

I’m not the biggest reality TV fan, but every once in a while it delivers something breathtaking. That’s how I feel about Pentatonix, a winner of “The Sing-off”.

I don’t care how “daring” Miley Cyrus pretends to be while swinging on construction equipment, few artists have the courage to show up on stage completely NAKED. Vocally naked, that is – no autotune, no instruments, nothing but raw talent. Pentatonix is an a cappella group that is up to that challenge.

If you are new to Pentatonix, take a minute and enjoy their stirring rendition of Little Drummer Boy.

(Bonus – Pay attention to their teamwork. Rather than everyone fighting to be lead, each member maximizes his/her role, no matter how big or small. The end result is a beautiful success that would never exist if all five divas were trying to outperform each other. Can the same be said for your work team?)



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