Ready For Something New?

Enough already!!!

Before we can finish rinsing the stale champagne stains out of our carpets, the beautiful people on television are barking about resolutions.  Yes, the dreaded New Year’s resolutions.  Every news teaser promises “2 dress sizes smaller by Saturday” or “save more money today”.  Every morning show has some well-intentioned anchorwoman wearing stilettos trying desperately to keep up with the floor routine of the latest exercise guru.

On the other side we have all of the self-congratulatory reporters and writers (social media and otherwise) who boldly proclaim that they will NOT be making resolutions.  We see a mountain of articles about why New Year’s resolutions are trash and how most of us are just fooling ourselves if we think that we’ll still be on the treadmill by mid February.

So much hoopla over such a little concept – a resolution.  Honestly, I don’t care if you choose to make a resolution, declaration, or paste it on a billboard.  You should live every day of your life RESOLVED.

re·solved [ri-zolvd]


firm in purpose or intent; determined.

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That is my wish for you for 2013 and beyond – live with intent.  Don’t let another year fly by where you haven’t taken real and deliberate actions towards the things that you want from life.  From your career.   From your family.

So, in the spirit of living with intention, I want to offer you a challenge for this month.   Don’t just sleepwalk through your existence, make and effort to try something new.  It can be big or small, scary or mundane. All that matters is that you shake up your routine.  Need inspiration?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a new route home.  Sometimes just changing the view from your window can shift your perspective.
  • Don’t be Norm – change your “usual”.  Do you always go to the same restaurant or stores?  Order the same dish, ice cream flavor, or cocktail?  These days there are so many options, just close your eyes and point at the menu.  The worst that can happen is that you don’t like it and won’t order it again (and let’s be honest, you didn’t need those ice cream calories, anyway).
  • Go to Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite internet-based jukebox and listen to a song from an artist that you don’t normally have in queue.  Most music players display “Top” lists that are great for recommendations.
  • Visit a clothing store that has a “Personal Shopper” service and perhaps find a new style that suits you.
  • Take a one-time seminar at a local college/university, adult learning institution, or art center.  One session isn’t too much of an investment and you may actually stumble across a hidden talent. (Who knew that you were a natural at Appalachian Clog Dancing…)
  • Fall in love with a new blog and vow to keep reading and commenting (may I suggest – inTerractions).

Ok, people – share the wealth.  What new things will you try this month?

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