This is What Peace Sounds Like

This is What Peace Sounds Like

  • Posted by Terra Winston

TGIF!! After a long and hectic week working in your office, home, or in your own enterprise, who the hell wants one more post about business stuff??  Welcome to Feel Good Friday here at inTerractions.  We promise to send you into the weekend with a smile, a laugh, or maybe a bit of inspiration.

Playing for Change is a cool project dedicated to bringing peace to the world through music.  They individually record musicians from across the globe performing the same song.  When the results are digitally combined it illustrates the beauty in diversity.  The artistry of the classically trained virtuosos plus the soul of self-taught street performers creates a piece whose power transcends all boundaries – language, religion, race, gender, shoe size, and whatever other artificial means we use to divide us.

There are many newer songs that can be found on their website (or YouTube), but I wanted share with you the video that first took my breath away.



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