Who Else Wants to Be Happier?

2611-happy-note-copy-e1457461001573Good golly it’s hot!

Here in the US the outdoor temperature is set on HELL.  I don’t know about you, but all this heat is making me grumpy.   Since I don’t have the time to visit my friends in the Southern Hemisphere for a little winter relief, I need to fix my attitude – fast.

Thanks to this video by SoulPancake, we can witness the power of gratitude.  Talk about Feel Good Friday!  Check out the video below and then scroll down for my closing thoughts.

Ok, let me give this a try:  I want to thank you, our readers. There is so much love and support in the inTerractions family.  I get excited when I read your comments and feedback because so many of us are experiencing the same joys and struggles as we fight to have fulfilling lives AND successful careers.  Thank you for your trust, for your voices, and for all of the fun we are going to have together!

Wow, I feel better already.  That guy in the lab coat really knows his stuff.


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