It’s Not Right, But I Understand

It’s Not Right, But I Understand

  • Posted by Terra Winston

Surely Chris Rock’s quote (see title) sums this little story up perfectly.  Seems that a frustrated woman seeking a position from the Padres ball club finally had her last nerve plucked when she was offered a chance to pay $495 to attend a job fair – even though she already had a fistful of rejection letters from the organization.  Check out her response here (be forewarned, she does not use lady-like language).

Now I can’t endorse the way that she handled this, but we’ve all been there, right?  Frustrated to the point of breaking by joblessness, rejection, boss blues, or some other worldly slight, yet having no satisfying way to remedy the situation.  I have to admit that a secret rebellious part of me applauds her gumption.  However, she does offer us an interesting lesson on power.  So many of us feel helpless when we repeatedly stumble across roadblocks in our lives and careers.  The reality is that we always have the power to impact our situations if we are bold enough to act. 

Where in your life could you use a little boldness?

Special thanks to chrisbrogan for introducing me to this story.  



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