Have You Seen This? – TellYourBossAnything.com

Have You Seen This? – TellYourBossAnything.com

  • Posted by Terra Winston

Hmmm…not so sure how I feel about this one.

TellYourBossAnything.com gives any timid employee the means to send anonymous feedback to a manager.  Since the service only requires that you type in your boss’ email address, technically you can give a piece of your mind to anyone as long as you have their valid contact information.   The site encourages civility by disallowing curse words and violent references, plus uber-ugly comments can result in your name being released.  That’s right – online nastiness will get you outed (can we institute that policy in other places? The comment section of the internet can be a really scary place sometimes)!

Honestly, I don’t get this product.  If your manager is too intimidating to give polite feedback face-to-face, do you really think that she’s going to act on unsolicited comments from “an unnamed source”?  Especially when it costs her $20 per month to read??  You’d be better off tapping out your feedback in Morse code during your next team meeting.  Also, there is a very serious concern that this service doesn’t seem to have any of the protections that are normally used in 360 feedback processes to ensure that a commenter’s identity can not be determined from the content of their statements.

All in all, I think this tool may be great for a cathartic release.  Type in your deepest feelings and hit send – just please not to your boss.




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