Stop Being So Greedy with Them Brains

Stop Being So Greedy with Them Brains

  • Posted by Terra Winston

TGIF!! After a long and hectic week working in your office, home, or in your own enterprise, who the hell wants one more post about business stuff?? Welcome to Feel Good Friday here at inTerractions.

Don’t try to deny it. You’re being stingy.

You are holding back your greatness from the world simply because you don’t realize how impressive you are. You think that the next guy (or gal) is more worthy because he has a swanky address or because she has a higher title than you do. Not true. You’ve got a simple idea that the rest of us desperately need. Don’t take my word for it; check out this video by Derek Sivers.

Please don’t make us beg. Bring on the good stuff.



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